Technical service engineer
Job Requirements:

1. Responsible for product site debugging, maintenance and replacement, feedback batch, material quality information and troubleshooting on-site accident;

2. Assist channel management and engineering projects to collect and inspect the relevant samples of product line.

3. Collect, organize, analyze and utilize quality information to provide Suggestions for improvement of company's products;

4. Responsible for the records and filing of after-sales service;

5. Solve customers' problems with high quality service, improve customer satisfaction, maintain product quality reputation, and enhance the brand image of the company.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Electrical/mechanical automation and related professional background, with solid electrical expertise;

2. Over 2 years of after-sales service experience in related industries, familiar with low-voltage electrical industry and its products are preferred;

3. Good interpersonal and communication skills, honest and reliable, strong ability to resist pressure, adapt to travel or short-term assignments.

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