The product manager
Job Requirements:

1. Provide technical support for overseas sales;

2. Responsible for product problem collection and basic troubleshooting;

3. Establish a standardized training system and provide regular training;

4. Responsible for market introduction and promotion of new products;

5. Sorted out product standards and coordinated management of product certification;

6. Pay close attention to the dynamic of competitors and regularly release product analysis of competitors;

7. Research product application, provide solutions and promote sales growth for specific country and industry market needs.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering;

2. Experience in low-voltage electrical appliance industry for three years and above, familiar with low-voltage electrical products;

3. At least one year sales or marketing management experience, preferably with product management experience;

4. Pay attention to team work, have certain product demonstration and training skills;

5. Have a certain English foundation.

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