Process Innovation

1. New materials innovation

    a. New materials such as metal wire drawing and die-casting, leather, acrylic, glass and wood are introduced.

2. New process/surface treatment innovation

    a. The shell adopts seamless welding technology.
    b. It is the first to adopt the high-light non-indentation mold technology, com-bined with 3D printing, to realize the product non-weld mark in the industry.
    c. Precision mould is developed by means of precision testing, high speed milling technology and technology.
    d. Adopt wear - resistant and corrosion - resistant surface coating technology.
    e. Adopt multi - color surface digital stacking technology.
    f. Set up a separate anti - static electronic workshop.
    g. The time-delay switch has set up an automatic detection system.
    h. It is the first to adopt the technology of extremely cold, extremely hot and high light non-indentation mold, and combine 3D printing and fine polishing technology to realize the product without welding mark and upgrade the product level in the industry.
    i. The precision mould is developed by using precision testing, high speed milling, high precision machining and complex processing technology.
    j. High wear - resistant and corrosion - resistant surface coating technology.
    k. Multi - color surface digital stacking technology.

Design Innovation

1. Structural design Innovation

a. The switch socket adopts the technology of no-stripping cover.
b. More than 20000 times plug and pull the patented technology socket.
c. Reset switch driven at any point on the large plate.
d. The invention patent of the integrated functional module with row - insert protection door and insert cover.
e. International travel socket set with patent of independent invention.

2. Electronic products design innovation

a. The time-delay switch uses the three-wire system with fire protection strong cutting function.
b. Change the traditional electronic product panel button for capacitive touch mode.
c. Electronic products meet EMC requirements.
d. The delay switch panel can replace the fuse directly.
e. A new intelligent electronic switch such as wifi, bluetooth, zigbee is adopted for remote terminal control.

3. Mold design innovation

a. MOLDFLOW is used to simulate the injection process, analyzes the shrinkage and deformation trend of products, and optimizes product design.

Technical Innovation

a. So far, 317 valid patents have been obtained. Among them: 25 inventions, 152 utility models and 140 appearances; 12 software copyrights. 

 b. More than ten papers such as A brief Analysis On the Application of New Materi-al and New Technology In Wall Switch Products, Application of CAE Finite Ele-ment Analysis In Switch Socket Design, Finite Element Analysis of Force On Fas-tener Assembly And Structural Improvement, A Brief Discussion On The Design of Insert Force, have been published in National Journal of Daily Electric Appli-ances, Electrical Accessories, etc. 

c. In recent years, there have been more than 40 research and development projects and realizes 34 commercialization of research findings. Among them, 27projects have been listed as new industrial products of provincial level and have been appraised by experts. 

d. Led and participated in more than 50 national superior standards, including GB/T 16915.1-2014, GB/T 2099.3-2015, GB/T 2099.7-2015, GB/T 28527-2012, GB/T 20044-2012. 

e. Company and the products have been awarded National Housing Industrialization Base, National Hi-tech Enterprise, Zhejiang Famous Brand Products, Wenzhou Mayor Quality Award, Yueqing Mayor Quality Award, Provincial Research and De-velopment Center for High-tech Enterprises, China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, Zhejiang Province Excellent Management Award, Zhejiang Province Customer Satisfaction Products, Provincial Standard Innovative Enter-prises, National 4A Standardized Good Behavior Enterprises, Provincial Clean Production Enterprise, Provincial Green Enterprise etc.

  • Modular global travel socket design
  • Food grade silicone sleeve design Application: Tao2C plug-in charger product
  • NEW2S I Do series Texture painting process
  • Soft visual indicator light design
  • The first application of ultrasonic welding technology in the industry
  • Needle of Point fluorescence indicator design
  • Self-generating environmental protection concept wireless doorbell design
  • Easy charging suit design
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