Quality life comes from iCHINT ingenuity

iCHINT is a civil industrial company under CHINT group. It was formally established in 2013 and focuses on the transformation and upgrading of the Internet + electrical industry. The company's production and operation categories cover wall switch sockets and accessories, LED lighting, mobile sockets, smart homes, wire and cable, low-voltage power distribution, and hardware tools.

Quality life comes from iCHINT ingenuity
Share ;Unique ;Renew ;Win-win

The brand logo shows the relationship between ICHINT with CHINT Group. ICHINT is not only a core component of CHINT Group, but also a vanguard of CHINT Group. In an in-creasingly competitive environment for social development and technology revolution, CHINT Group is exploring reforms in every aspect of every field it involves. ICHINT plays an essential vanguard role in it and animates CHINT Group.

Share ;Unique ;Renew ;Win-win
Our Teams
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iCHINT has a group of highly qualified, highly educated and highly efficient talents in advanced technology, management, and marketing. It is a team that is innovative, courageous, enterprising, courageous, and full of youthful passion and entrepreneurial dreams.

The company insists on "Knowledge advances progress, learns to make achievements in the future" as the company's learning philosophy, and has now established a complete three-level training operation management system. Based on the job requirements and development paths of different levels and categories, the company has set up horizontal personnel training with the goal of training management skills, and has developed a vertical “five horizontal and five vertical” training system with key grade professional technology.


So far, iCHINT has grown into a large company with more than 4,000 employees. It has a number of subsidiaries and annual sales of more than 3 billion yuan. Its industrial layout covers five industries including e-commerce, physical sales, logistics, finance, and innovation. It involves technology research and development, It is a well-known domestic enterprise in many emerging technology network technology fields such as internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence.

2018 2018

Zhejiang Taiyixin Investment Management Co.,Ltd. was founded.

2017 2017

iCHINT in e-commerce channels through the network sales of 100 million.

2016 2016

Zhejiang CHINT Civil Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. and Zhejiang CHINT Lighting Co.,Ltd. were founded.

2015 2015

Zhejiang CHINT Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd. and Zhejiang Taiyida Logistics Technology Co.,Ltd. were founded.

2013 2013

Zhejiang CHINT Network Technology Co.,Ltd. was formally established in Hangzhou.

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